Smartpoint Wall Outlet Extender with USB, 2 Pk.

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    Product Overview
    The Smartpoint Wall Outlet Extender has two outlets and two USB ports to help organize your life. One of the USB ports is a USB Type-C for all of your newer devices. Simply plug it into any standard wall outlet and one outlet becomes two outlets and two USB ports. Two of the plugs are slim so they are stackable, and you can put two onto one standard wall outlet so that two outlets become four, with four USB ports! Use them on the same outlet, or in separate rooms. Small and compact, these outlet extenders travel easily, so you can bring them on your next trip for more outlets in your hotel room! They are perfect for your home, office, college dorm room, bedroom and more. No instructions are needed. Just plug them in and use them—it's that simple!

    Product Features:

  • Slim form factor to stack two on the same outlet
  • 900 joules surge protection
  • Can charge up to eight different devices at once
  • Includes two wall outlet extenders with two USB ports