Snapple Ice Tea Variety Pack, 24 pk./20 fl. oz.

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    Made in USA

    Are you Peachy Keen or are you Lemon Large? Are you looking for a little Razzle Dazzle? Life's full of decisions, but you don’t have to make one here. Snapple has combined your favorite Snapple Teas in one convenient variety pack. They say variety is the spice of life, so go ahead and take a sip of each of these flavorful teas and enjoy The Best Stuff on Earth. Peach Tea: Snapple believes life’s a peach. Take a sip of the delicious Peach Tea, and go back to the times of big hair, neon leggings and breakdancing. Ok…not really, but you can use your imagination. So go ahead, break out the boom box and enjoy the Best Stuff on Earth. Lemon Tea: What do you do when life gives you lemons? You pick the best ones and blend their lemon flavor with delicious green and black tea. So go ahead, have another sip of the Best Stuff on Earth. Hopefully life gives you lemons every day. And maybe a peach once in a while. Raspberry Tea: We hope you're razzed about the idea of drinking Raspberry Tea. It's so good that most people break out in song after their first sip. So go ahead, belt out that tune like no one’s listening. Snapple has been making up Raspberry Tea tunes ever since it was a small brand born in New York. But they're not that catchy, so this brand will stick to making the Best Stuff on Earth.

    Product Features:

    • New look, same great taste (package design may vary)
    • Made from Green and Black tea
    • Tea made from only the highest quality ingredients
    • From Snapple, a trusted brand since 1973
    • Includes 8 bottles each of Snapple Peach, Lemon and Raspberry Tea

    (Model 10114994)