Splash Blast, Flavored Water Beverage, Variety Pack, Plastic Bottles, 32 ct./16.9 fl. oz.

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    Product Overview
    Break free from boredom with Splash Blast, a delicious range of fun, fruit-flavored water beverages for people who don’t want to settle for boring. It is time to enjoy bold flavor options now with electrolytes, in this Splash Blast Variety Pack. Savor a variety of flavors and awaken your taste buds with a satisfying sip of fruity refreshment, whenever you want to quench your thirst. And because it has zero calories & zero sugar, it’s a guilt-free refreshment option, making it the smart alternative to sugary or high-calorie drinks. So, say hello to deliciously fruity, guilt-free flavor. Grab a pack of your new favorite flavored water beverage and break free from boring with Splash Blast. Your body and taste buds will thank you. Available in a range of sizes to help with flavorful hydration throughout the day.

    Product Features:

  • 16.9 fl. oz./.5L Splash Blast flavored water beverage is perfectly sized, in a convenient and recyclable plastic bottle, to help with everyday hydration
  • Variety Pack: Bursting with the bold fruit flavors for a delicious fruit refreshing treat
  • Break Free from Boring: With a range of bold flavor options
  • Guilt-Free Fun: Same great taste, now with electrolytes and zero calories, zero sugar – all of the fun, with all of the flavor
  • The smart alternative to sugary drinks – a fun and refreshing choice
  • All The Fun You Can Handle: Grab and go to your groove with 8 fl. oz., 16.9 fl. oz., and 20 fl. oz. sizes, packed with fruity flavor for anytime refreshment
  • Includes Splash Blast, flavored water beverage, variety packs, plastic bottles, 32 ct./16.9 fl. oz.

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