Splash Fizz Sparkling Water Variety Pack, 24 pk./20 fl. oz.

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    Product Overview
    Bring out your sparkle with the brilliant bright bubbles and bold fruit flavors of Splash Fizz, a delicious range of sparkling bottled water beverages that put a smile on your face. Dive into a colorful world of flavor with the Splash Fizz Rainbow Pack. Liven up your day with the luscious Lemonade Flavor. Enjoy a burst of Black Cherry. Indulge your senses with Raspberry and Blackberry. Or savor a sweet sip of citrusy Blood Orange for a deliciously refreshing lift that helps to quench your thirst any time of day. Bubbling excitement and electrolytes but with zero sugar, its a smart choice. Say hello to the brilliant bubbles of Splash Fizz for fun, fruity flavor on the go. These sparking waters are deliciously refreshing on their own or mixed into a fruit-freshing mocktail to add a satisfying pop to social get-togethers. Just add friends. Includes 6 bottles of each flavor to try!

    Product Features:

  • Each 20 fl. oz. Splash Fizz water bottle provides a colorful burst of sparkling flavorful refreshment to liven up your day
  • Sparkling Water Beverage bursting with black cherry, lemonade, blood orange, and raspberry and blackberry flavors for a deliciously fruit-freshingly flavored treat
  • For sparkling fun, anytime, anywhere
  • 0 sugar with electrolytes, the smart alternative to sugary beverages
  • Enjoy a burst of flavor on the way to work, liven up your lunch, or add a sparkle to your get-togethers
  • Deliciously fruit-freshing flavor on its own, or mixed into a fruity mocktail, for fun, bubbly times with friends
  • Includes variety pack of flavored sparking water, 24 pk./20 fl. Oz.