Stamina X Boulder Fit Doorway Trainer

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    Product Overview
    The Boulder Fit Doorway Trainer is the ultimate training tool to strengthen and develop your shoulders, back, chest and arms. Unique rock climbing hand holds provide an advanced grip to challenge you during your workout and will ultimately build grip and forearm strength for all your outdoor adventures. Traditional pull-up and chin-ups can also be performed on the doorway trainer, and with multiple grip positions, you can target different muscles. Laying the Boulder Fit Doorway Trainer on the ground allows you to perform sit-ups, push-ups and triceps dips. In fact, the simple assembly, portability and removability of the trainer makes it ideal for anyone with space constraints because you don't have to have any hardware to remove it from the doorframe. As long as you have a standard doorframe, you can harness the power of the Stamina X Boulder Fit Doorway Trainer.

    Product Features:

  • Multiple grip positions to build and tone upper body muscles
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Thick foam padding for comfortable grips
  • Unique rock climbing hand holds build grip and forearm strength
  • Simple assembly,
  • Portable and attaches and removes easily from the doorframe
  • Fits standard doorways
  • Includes doorway trainer
  • Warranty: 3 years frame; 90 days parts

  • (Model 50-0085)