Wasatch 24 Gun Fire and Waterproof Safe with Electronic Lock

Item: 294765 Model: 24EDBWBJ
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    The Wasatch 24 Gun Safe is built with you in mind and provides the best value in the market for a long gun fire and waterproof safe. It has a fire rating of 1400° for 75 minutes and is waterproof up to 2' of water for 72 hours. It features a programmable, digital electronic lock with an Alarm-U function, for added peace of mind, two backup keys are included, so you can always access safe contents. There are three extra-large 1.5" live-action locking bolts along with two fixed bolts that provide great security in protecting your firearms and valuables. Plush fully carpeted interior and shelving for added protection to firearms and valuables. All Wasatch Gun Safes come with factory-installed door storage with sewn-in holsters and storage pouches for additional storage flexibility. External door hinges provide a full 180 access to your safe. All are backed by a lifetime warranty. No thief can walk away with your safety because it includes a heavy-duty bolt-down kit. With Wasatch, you're truly protected.

    Product Features:

  • 75 min @ 1400° fire rating
  • Waterproof for 72 hours in 2' of standing water
  • Programmable electronic digital lock with Alarm-U function and two back up keys
  • Factory installed door storage panel with sewn in pistol holsters and Velcro and zippered storage pouches
  • Fully convertible interior with one full storage shelf and three half shelves
  • Three extra large 1.5" live action bolts and two fixed bolts for a total of five
  • Fully plush carpeted interior and storage shelves
  • Mounting hardware and 9V battery included
  • Includes long gun safe, 9V battery, owners/instructions manual, warranty info, mounting hardware kit
  • Lifetime warranty

  • (Model 24EDBWBJ)