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Flushable Wipes for Less Worry

Everyone wants an easier, more efficient way to get clean. There's no need to sacrifice your plumbing in pursuit of a better bathroom visit, though. Flushable wipes are toilet-friendly alternatives to regular toilet paper and pipe-clogging wet wipes that offer the best of both worlds. Are you ready for a better, quicker clean? At BJ's Wholesale Club, we offer wet wipes from trusted brands like Pampers, Cottonelle, and Berkley Jensen.

Quicker Than Toilet Paper

Unless you have small children or particularly needy cats and dogs, you spend your time in the bathroom alone. Even if you savor this time away from your kids, you probably don't enjoy using lots of toilet paper every time you go to the bathroom. Flushable wipes let you spend less time on your business and more time pretending to.

Protect Your Pipes

While dampened wipes and towelettes have been around for a while, they have become a plumber's nightmare. A baby wipe can get you clean, but you have no good options once it's done its job. Flushing these wipes down your toilet can result in major plumbing issues down the line. Flushable wipes, however, are safe for your pipes. They're toilet-friendly, convenient, and clean.

More of What You Love, Less of What You Don't

No matter how great the games on your phone may be, you'd probably rather be somewhere else while you play them. With toilet-friendly wipes, you can clean up in record time. You may also get better results and less irritation from repeated wiping. Because these wipes are safe for your pipes, you may get to save on repairs and maintenance calls, too.

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