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About Oven Ranges

Get out your cookbooks, your recipe boxes and your grandma's recipe for your favorite pie. BJ's Wholesale Club is stocked and ready for your holiday grocery shopping at everyday savings with your BJ's Membership Card. Not only that but our selection of electric range ovens and single range ovens help ensure that everything you cook all year long tastes better than ever.

Whirlpool Electric Range Ovens

BJ's Wholesale Club offers a variety of styles of stoves and ovens to give our customers options. We know that your needs could be different from your neighbors', and we want all our customers to leave with the single range oven or other oven range that is best suited for their family's needs.

Whirlpool continues to be a household name in large kitchen appliances as they have been for decades. As your family's needs change over the years, Whirlpool quality has stayed one of the top-rated companies in electric range ovens as well as their complete line of stoves and ovens.

Whirlpool and BJ's Wholesale Club are partnered in the belief that our customers deserve the best and that includes the stoves and ovens in our BJ's Wholesale Club. As the quality has continued to receive some of the highest ratings, Whirlpool constantly modifies its stoves and ovens to stay up to date with its customers' needs.

Options in Oven Ranges

Your family's needs and budget determine the right stove and oven for you. BJ's Wholesale Club offers a variety of sizes and prices from which to choose. We have a single range oven for the simple no-nonsense cook as well as a smart appliance that you can program with your voice and cell phone or tablet without even being in your kitchen.

Our gas oven ranges are more in line with the cooking styles of some, and we have a selection of those to choose from as well. Our inventory of freestanding gas stoves and ovens is also available in a smart appliance so that you can adjust temperatures and work your magic more quickly. Once you have chosen the perfect oven range, we can deliver it and take away your old oven when we leave.

BJ's offers affordable prices throughout the year to help you keep your budget in check because our customers are number one with us. Make it a priority today to sign up for a BJ's Membership Card so you can start saving today on one of our single range ovens or other stove and oven in our extensive inventory.