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Powdered Baby Formula That Has Nutrients Your Baby Needs

Most powdered baby formula is made with cow's milk, but there are some varieties that are closer to breast milk. Regardless of what type of milk is used for the powdered infant formula, it has the nutrients your baby needs. Some powdered infant formulas have added nutrients to support the baby's growth and development. Non-GMO baby formula is made without genetically modified ingredients and growth hormones. Some parents consider it better for their babies. We have a vast selection of non-GMO and sensitive baby formulas, so you can choose a formula that's gentle on your baby's tummy.

Non-GMO Baby Formula

BJ's Wholesale Club carries several kinds of non-GMO baby formulas, including Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO With 2-FL HMO Infant Formula With Iron Powder, Wellsley Farms Non-GMO Advantage Infant Formula Milk-Based Powder With Iron, and Wellsley Farms Premium Non-GMO Form Milk Based Powder Infant Formula. Some parents found that their babies experienced less spitting up and fussiness after switching to the Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO. This powdered infant formula contains vitamin E, lutein, and DHA with the purpose of supporting healthy brain and eye development.

If you're looking for a non-GMO baby formula that's close to breast milk, the Wellsley Farms Premium Non-GMO is an option. In addition to being non-GMO, it is gluten free and Kosher certified. Nutrients in the powdered infant formula include iron, vitamin E, and prebiotics.

Just as the Wellsley Farms Premium formula, Wellsley Farms Non-GMO Advantage Infant Formula has vitamin E, lutein, and DHA. It also features 2'-FL HMO for immune support and has a pediatrician recommendation. The non-GMO baby formula is gluten-free and Kosher certified.

Sensitive Baby Formula

If you want to choose an infant formula that's most gentle on your baby's belly, then choose a sensitive formula. BJ's Wholesale Club has good deals on sensitive baby formula. Your choices include Similac Pro-Sensitive Non-GMO With 2-FL HMO Infant Formula With Iron Powder and Wellsley Farms Non-GMO Sensitivity Milk-Based Powder With Iron Infant Formula. These formulas are suitable for babies who are sensitive to lactose. Your baby may have a reduction in gassiness and fussiness on a sensitive baby formula.

We maintain a wide selection of fairly-priced powdered infant formulas, so you can find a product that meets your needs. Our sensitive baby formulas and non-GMO baby formulas have high customer ratings and are available at reasonable prices. Sign up for a BJ's Membership to save up to 25% on all of your grocery purchases.