Snow Shovels & Ice Melt


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Put Jack Frost in His Place

Shop this selection of snow shovels & ice melt at BJ's Wholesale Club and discover the gear and materials you need to keep your important paths clear of snow and ice this winter. If you live in a region that experiences any snowfall, you know that solid snow shovels can really come in handy when a storm strikes. Whether you're digging out your car before work or class in the morning, clearing a path to your front door for your holiday guests, or building a monster jump at the bottom of the sledding hill, you'll find these brilliant designs are up to the task.

Of course, ice building along sidewalks and paths can be a hassle too. Berkley Jensen Winter Heat Ice Melt is perfect for the area in front of your business, or on a paved pathway on your property. Spread some salt on the ground before a big snowfall and stop ice from forming in the first place, or apply in specific spots that have formed ice overnight. You'll help prevent slippery conditions that can lead to dangerous falls with this fantastic product. Shop individual buckets of calcium chloride ice melt, or purchase wholesale ice melt and keep your shop's parking lot ice free all winter long at a fraction of the price.

In this impressive collection at BJ's Wholesale Club, you'll find exceptional deals on high-quality equipment. When you need to clear any area out, you rely on your sturdy shovel to handle clumps of thick, wet snow. Shovels from this line are manufactured by well-respected companies. Made from choice materials, they won't let you down with you need them the most. Browse standard shovels, electric shovels, and designs with spring-assisted handles, as well as roof rakes that can clear heavy snow off your building easily.

Expertly formulated ice-melting salt from BJ's Wholesale Club will get rid of those tricky slippery patches quickly. Shop this fantastic selection today and bring home professional grade supplies and gear for exceptional low prices. With your membership card, you'll have access to some of the best deals online today.