Women's Razors


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Look and Feel Your Best With Women's Razors

Keep up your grooming with women's razors that remove hair while protecting your delicate skin from irritation and razor burn. BJ's makes it easy to look and feel your best with women's disposable razors and women's razors with refills.

Women's Razors Make Shaving Easy

Women's razors come with a variety of great features to make shaving easy and enjoyable. Choose a shaver for women designed for sensitive skin or women's disposable razors for quick convenience.

Get Extra Features in Women's Razors With Refills

You'll find all your favorite brands and styles of women's razors at BJ's. Choose women's razors with refills to get extra features like a moisture bar that keeps your skin smooth during your shave. Women's razors with refills have flexible heads that allow you to reach every spot with ease. You'll never scratch your skin with the thin, flexible blades of these women's razors.

Pamper yourself with a shaver for women that comes complete with built-in soap bars. They release moisturizing soap while you shave for a luxurious experience. A shaver for women with four blades gives you a close, smooth shave that leaves your skin feeling silky. The built-in lather of these women's razors with refills lets you shave, clean and moisturize at the same time.

Women's Razors Are Safe for Delicate Areas

You can use a shaver for women anywhere you have delicate skin, including your underarms and bikini area. Try women's razors with solid metal handles for an upgraded shaving experience. Follow up with your favorite body lotion to feel smooth all day.

Convenient Women's Disposable Razors

If you want the ultimate in convenience, choose women's disposable razors. You can get triple blades and swiveling heads with these razors. They are also a great option for traveling. Keep some women's disposable razors in your gym bag for easy touch-ups when you're on the go. Do you need women's disposable razors in a hurry? Get them today with BJ's Same-Day Delivery.

Women's razors with refills and women's disposable razors help you look and feel your best every day. Get them at incredible discounts when you join BJ's Wholesale Club.