5 Gum Sugar-Free Mint Chewing Gum Variety Pack, 15 pk.

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    Made in USA

    Don't just live in the moment – live for the five seconds before, and experience invigorating minty flavor with the 5 Gum Three Flavor Variety Pack. With 15 packs of sugar-free gum in each box, this bulk gum assortment features three stimulating flavors, including five packs of Peppermint Cobalt Gum, five packs of Spearmint Rain Gum and five packs of Wintermint Ascent Gum. Wherever you take chances, take 5 Gum along for the ride for fresh breath and a boost of exhilarating flavor.

    Product Features:

    • Contains fifteen (15) packs of 5 Gum: (5) Peppermint Cobalt Flavor; (5) Spearmint Rain Flavor; (5) Wintermint Ascent Flavor
    • A 5 Gum mint variety pack that includes 5 Gum Mint favorites; Peppermint Cobalt, Wintermint Ascent, and Spearmint Rain.
    • Experience the invigorating and refreshing mint flavor of 5 Sugar-free Gum
    • Keep your breath fresh and be ready for anything with 5 Chewing Gum
    • Take 5 Gum wherever you take chances – stock up on your favorite minty flavors

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