Acesori Wireless Charging Pad 2, 2 pk.

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    Product Overview
    The Acesori Wireless Charging Pad 2 provides 10W of fast wireless charging in a compact size. The design is only 3.6" square and weighs only 0.18 lb. The rubberized base offers a non-slippery surface that lets your phone stay on the pad neatly to deliver a steady charge.

    Product Features:

  • Fast wireless charging - pad 2 can charge your devices at up to 10W of wireless power
  • Anti-slip-rubber pad keeps your phone or device from sliding off the Pad 2 while charging
  • Protection features over-charging, over-heating, short-circuit and over-current protections
  • Status light - LED light shows the status of wireless charging
  • Micro USB - input port features a standardized micro USB port
  • Input: 9V 1.8 amps and 5V 2 amps
  • Transmission distance: 5mm
  • Universal charging - wireless charging compatible with Apple iPhone 8, 13 and newer generations; Apple AirPods wireless charging case; Samsung Galaxy S6, S21, Note5, Note10, and newer generations; other devices with built-in wireless charging
  • Includes two charging pads, two micro USB cables and user guide
  • Warranty: 1 year

  • (Model A-WPAD2)