Aerobie 3 Ring Combo

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    The Aerobie 3-Ring Combo is a unique set of flying discs that features the Pro Ring, Orbiter Boomerang and the Pro Blade, each offering a different twist on flying disk play. The 13" Pro Ring is the top performing flying disc with a streamlined, aerodyanmic shape for the longest, straightest flights. The TPR around the perimeter makes it softer on the hands and easy to catch. The Orbiter is a true boomerang that is designed to return 360-degrees to the thrower and requires very little practice to learn. The Pro Blade is an all new self leveling disc that provides a new, thrilling flight pattern.

    Product Features:

  • All three flying discs included in the set have a soft TPR perimeter for softer, easier catches
  • Each of the flying rings offers a distinct shape and flight patter
  • Includes three-ring combo set

  • (Model 6064516)