Axe Fine Fragrance Blue Lavender Body Wash for Men, 2 pk./18 oz.

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    Product Overview
    70% of guys in a blind study said they’d replace their prestige cologne with their favorite scent from the Axe Fine Fragrance Collection. Surprised? Axe is not. Their world-renowned perfumers have produced a top-tier banger in this Blue Lavender Premium body wash for men, with an exhilarating fresh scent infused with lavender, mint, and amber essential oils. This amazing fragrance tops items that sell for $100 or more! Everyone deserves a hype man, so Axe made one in fragrance form. This Axe Body Wash for men is formulated to give you 12 hours of lasting freshness to lock in that "just out of the shower" confidence. With 2X more freshness-boosting technology than Axe's standard body wash, they’re working smarter, not harder. The hydrating, plant-based moisturizers in Axe Body Wash shower gel will amplify freshness to a whole new level. One wash and you're ready for action. The paraben-free formula hits different, easy on the skin, touch on odor and instantly refreshing. When you smell good, good things happen. You’re a little more confident and life opens up a world of possibilities. That's the Axe effect.

    Product Features:

  • Fine fragrance Blue Lavender body wash
  • Premium scent with a refreshing blend of lavender, mint, and amber
  • Crafted by world-renowned fragrance experts and infused with essential oils
  • Smell finer than fine with 12 hours of freshness and unbeatable confidence
  • No harsh ingredients, paraben-free and plant-based formula
  • Includes body wash for men, 2 pk./18 oz.