Backyard Basics Chaise Lounge Chair Cover

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    Product Overview
    The Chaise Lounge Cover from Backyard Basics is the best way to protect your outdoor living experience. With the ability to fit most chaise lounges up to 76", you’ll get a universal fit regardless of what kind of chaise lounge chair you have. The water-resistant material helps keep moisture out and your furniture dry even in some of the harshest weather conditions. You’ll never want to be without a cover for your chaise lounge because no one wants to replace patio furniture year after year when they can protect them instead. A durable elastic hem is used to secure the bottom of your cover to the lounger so you’ll never have to worry about an improper fit. Engineered and tested for strength and durability, the material is crack resistant even in low temperatures and harsh UV rays. Even the toughest of dirt, dust, and sap can’t penetrate your chaise lounge cover so you’ll be good to go every time you want to enjoy your patio.

    Product Features:

  • Extreme protection against all types of weather
  • Engineered and tested for strength and durability
  • Fits most chaise lounges up to 76"
  • Durable elastic hem for a secure fit
  • Includes one chaise lounge cover

  • (Model 07835BJGD)