BelGioioso American Grana Parmesan Wedge, 0.9-1.5 lb

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    Product Overview
    Made in USA
    The BelGioioso American Grana Parmesan Wedge is allowed to mature for a minimum of 18 months. All natural ingredients and the distinctive aging process are what creates its deep, nutty flavor and granular texture.

    Product Features:

  • Extra aged Parmesan cheese with a nutty full-bodied flavor
  • All natural ingredients
  • Crafted from raw cow's milk in Wisconsin
  • Aged a minimum of 18 months
  • rBST free
  • Gluten free
  • Product of Wisconsin, USA
  • Includes 1 lb. wedge of Belgioioso American Grana Parmesan cheese

    Product Warnings and Restrictions:

  • Contains milk

  • (Model 000000038904)