Berkley Jensen Liquid Scented Fabric Softener, 170 fl. oz.

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    Product Overview
    Berkley Jensen Ultra Fabric Softener is ultra-concentrated with a gentle side. Formulated to help fight wrinkles, reduce static cling, and freshen your clothes so they not only feel their best, but with the amazing fragrance, they will also smell their best for six weeks. Each Berkley Jensen scented original fabric softener has enough liquid for 197 loads of laundry.

    Safe for septic systems.

    Easy press and pour spout: Place on side. Twist cap to vent. Press the button to dispense.

    Shake well before use.
    Use a cup to measure.
    For regular loads fill the cup to line
    For large loads fill the cup to line
    For extra softness fill cup to line
    For smaller loads and for hand wash fill cup halfway to line
    Add directly to final rinse. If using machine dispenser pour in fabric softener and dilute with water to keep dispenser clean.
    If spotting occurs, wet fabric, rub the spot with mild bar soap, rinse or rewash the item. Freezing temperatures may cause fabric softeners to thicken.
    To use, dissolve recommended amount in one cup of warm water before using.

    Product Features:

  • Compare to gain ultra fabric softener
  • Incredible long-lasting fragrance
  • Reduces static cling
  • Strengthens material fibers
  • Helps prevent stretching
  • HE-safe for all washers
  • 197 loads
  • Includes 170 oz. of liquid fabric softener

    Product Warnings and Restrictions:

    In Case of Eye Contact, Flush With Water. Call a Physician, if Necessary. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Warning: Do Not Use This Product on Fluffier Fabrics Such as Fleece or Terry Cloth as It May Increase the Flammability of These Fabrics. On Children's Sleepwear or Other Garments Labeled as Flame Resistant as It May Reduce Flame Resistance. Do Not Reuse This Container for Storing Beverages or Other Liquids

  • (Model 261957)