Berkley Jensen Premium White Folding Gift Box Assortment, 20 pk.

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    Product Overview
    This 20-piece folding gift box assortment is an easy and convenient way to exchange gifts with friends and family. These reusable folding gift boxes are perfect for filling with gifts to place under your holiday tree. Offering quality, value, and convenience, each pack includes 20 solid white folding gift boxes to accommodate presents of various shapes and sizes. The assortment of box sizes includes 3 oversize robe gift boxes, 3 oversize shirt gift boxes, 2 shirt gift boxes, 1 slipper gift box, 2 lingerie gift boxes, 1 all-purpose gift box, 4 giftware gift boxes, 2 handkerchief gift boxes, and 2 cube gift boxes. Ideal as gifts, you can use them for general storage, holiday decoration, and much more! Plan ahead and stock up on this versatile folding gift box assortment for convenient year-round wrapping.

    Product Features:

  • 3 oversize robe gift boxes
  • 3 oversize shirt gift boxes
  • 2 shirt gift boxes
  • 1 slipper gift box
  • 2 lingerie gift boxes
  • 1 all-purpose gift box
  • 4 giftware gift boxes
  • 2 handkerchief gift boxes
  • 2 cube gift boxes
  • Two piece folding gift boxes; white lids and white bases
  • Constructed from durable, heavy-weight 400 gsm paperboard
  • Simply place a present in the box, put on the lid, and you are ready to begin gifting
  • You can add a beautiful bow for an extra-special present
  • White gift boxes are convenient to have on-hand for year round for any gift-giving occassion
  • Includes 20 piece assortment containing 9 different size and shape boxes

  • (Model 6361011 BJS)