Berkley Jensen Ultra Liquid Fabric Softener, Spring Breeze, 251 Loads, 170 oz.

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    Product Overview
    Berkley Jensen Liquid Fabric Softener is ultra-concentrated with a gentle side. Formulated to help fight wrinkles, reduce static cling, and freshen your clothes so they not only feel their best, but with this amazing fragrance, they will also smell their best for up to 30 days. This container will provide up to 251 loads of laundry.

    Product Features:

  • Includes one 170 oz. bottle of liquid fabric softener, enough for 251 total loads
  • Fights wrinkles, reduces static cling, and freshens your clothes
  • Fresh release technology provides up to 30 days of freshness for your laundry
  • Strengthens material fibers
  • Helps prevent stretching
  • Enough for up to 251 loads of laundry

    Product Warnings and Restrictions:

    In Case of Eye Contact, Flush With Water. Call a Physician, if Necessary. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Warning: Do Not Use This Produce on Fluffier Fabrics Such as Fleece or Terry Cloth as It May Increase the Flammability of These Fabrics or on Children's Sleepwear and Other Garments Labeled as Flam Resistant as It May Reduces Flam Resistance.

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