BigMouth Giant Inflatable Donut Floats, 2 pk.

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    Immerse yourself in a world of sweetness and leisure with the BigMouth Giant Inflatable Donut Floats. Crafted to elevate your poolside experience, these four-foot-wide inflatable treats bring the allure of your favorite strawberry and chocolate frosted donuts right to the water. Irresistibly tempting design: Each float is a delectable replica of a scrumptious donut, enticingly decorated with vibrant colors and designs. The strawberry and chocolate frosting details are so realistic, you might be tempted to take a bite. Built to last and inflate quickly: Crafted from durable PVC material, these floats are engineered to withstand countless summer adventures. The fast inflation valve guarantees a hassle-free setup, allowing you to spend less time inflating and more time enjoying the water.

    Fun for everyone: With a generous four-foot diameter, these donut floats offer ample space to lounge comfortably while soaking up the sun. Whether you're floating solo, paired up with a friend, or creating a fleet of donuts for a family pool day, these floats accommodate all. Easy transportation and storage: Convenience is key, which is why these pool floats are designed with portability in mind. Easily deflate them for compact storage, making them perfect for trips to the beach, pool parties, or vacations. Their lightweight construction ensures effortless transportation wherever your aquatic adventures take you. Unleash the sweetness: Picture yourself drifting on a sea of relaxation atop these sumptuous donut floats. Feel the stress melt away as you bask in the sun, share laughs with friends, or simply indulge in a moment of serene solitude. A summertime essential: Add a delightful touch to your pool gatherings or beach escapades with the Giant Donut Combo Pool Floats. Be prepared to attract envious glances and compliments as you lounge in style on these irresistible and whimsical inflatables. Make this summer a memorable one by diving into the fun-filled world of these Giant Donut Combo Pool Floats. Embrace the sweetness, make a splash, and savor every moment with these delightful and durable floats by your side. Whether you prefer the fruity allure of strawberries or the decadence of chocolate, these floats offer a delectable experience for everyone to enjoy.

    Product Features:

  • Durable PVC material for long use
  • East and fast to inflate/deflate
  • Over four feet wide
  • Compact for storage
  • Set of two floats
  • Warranty: 30 days
  • Includes two pool floats, two repair kits