Black + Decker Electric Fly Swatter and Zapper, 2 pk.

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    Product Overview
    Say goodbye to bothersome bugs taking over your home or yard. Whether you’re dealing with pests in the kitchen, bathroom, stable, patio, yard, shed, or garage, this rechargeable fly swatter from Black + Decker has you covered with reliable, non-toxic zapping power.

    Simply grasp the easy-grip racket handle and swing to insta-shock insects into oblivion; keep an eye on the zap counter to see how many you can get. This efficient racket is discrete and safe around pets and children—but powerful enough to protect decks, patios and other outdoor areas both large and small.

    Product Features:

  • Don’t let the bugs bug you – fight back with this electric swatter and zapper
  • Helps you easily catch and kill a variety of flying insects for safe, dependable indoor and outdoor relief
  • Perfect for home, kitchen, bathroom, garbage area, barn, deck, patio or garden
  • Cordless device features an extra-large surface area and comfort-grip handle for maximum efficiency
  • Just swing in the direction of bugs and watch them bite the dust
  • Racquet head delivers just enough output to kill bugs but is safe for humans and pets
  • Thick stainless steel, aluminum- and nickel-plated mesh resists warping and contains multiple protective layers to reduce risk of shock
  • Inner metal grating promptly zaps intruders—no more harmful chemicals, sprays, pesticides, repellents or glue traps
  • Requires just 2/AA batteries for hours and hours of inexpensive extermination
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Includes two electric bug zappers
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