Boneco Ionic Pro Turbo TA500 Air Purifier

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    Product Overview
    The technology of the Boneco Ionic Pro Turbo TA500 is totally silent. It starts by generating a stream of negative ions. The negative ions attract the positive airborne allergens and particles in the air. The negative ions joins with these pollutants, then the particles are trapped on oppositely charged metal collection plates and a clean fresh flow of negative air is then circulated back into the air. The Turbo model also has the addition of germicidal protection in the germicidal chamber.

    Its collection blades are easily removable. Simply press the “Open“ button on the top of the unit and then slide out the front-loading collection blades. The collection blades are easily cleaned with by wiping them with a soft cloth. There is an indicator light that tells you when it‘s time to clean the collection blades.

    Product Features:

  • Ionic technology works silently to trap particles and pollutants while circulating clean air back into the air
  • Energy efficient, uses less electricity than a compact fluorescent bulb
  • One-Touch operation with push-button ease saves time and effort
  • Germicidal protection, destroys bacteria and germs on contact in the germicidal chamber
  • No filters to replace. Simply remove the ergonomically designed front-loading collection blades and wipe them clean with a soft cloth
  • Includes air purifier