Bundaloo Inflatable See Saw Rocker

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    Product Overview
    Looking for new and fun ways to engage your bored kids? It’s always a challenge to keep kids active and happy, especially with their limited attention spans. You’ll need something big to catch their attention–perhaps a beloved playground staple that will surely tickle their natural playfulness? How about a seesaw where they can spend hours rocking up and down? Don’t worry. You won’t have to build one yourself. Let your kids have some bouncy fun with Bundaloo’s Inflatable Seesaw Rocker.

    Each inflatable seesaw rocker is 6' long and can support the weight of two kids aged at least three years old. It’s hard to miss our inflatable with its vibrant green and blue color. The barrel at the center is fitted with two handles for each rider. Place this whimsical inflatable seesaw in any room or space with flat floors or terrain. The rockers are made with durable and thick PVC material, giving them superb toughness against tears and punctures. They’re built to withstand even the most active of playtimes out in your living room or your yard.

    It will only take a few minutes to set up the inflatable using a standard air pump. The seesaw’s two seats have backrests, helping your kids remain firmly seated throughout the ride. Let them have their way with the seesaw–they’ll be exercising without even knowing it.

    Product Features:

  • Giant see saw rocker
  • Easily inflates
  • Take it everywhere
  • Great indoors and outdoors
  • Includes inflatable see saw rocker

  • (Model 5292)