Caledon Farms Beef Tendersticks, 21 oz.

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    Product Overview
    For all dogs there is no greater treat than Caledon Farms Beef Tendersticks! Now available in a value-sized bag, they have a soft texture that is easy on the teeth & the tummy. Made from 100% Canadian beef lung, these treats are all natural, containing no artificial preservatives, additives or colours. Caledon Farms receives Canadian lung, slice it thin, and slow bake it to perfection to make a high protein, low fat, delicious treat.

    These Tendersticks have an exceptional nutritional profile, containing vitamins A, B, B12, D, E, and K, and potassium. The quality beef lung we use is a source of potassium that helps promote a healthy heart, nerves, and muscles for your best friends. Made to be in line with a dog’s natural diet, these treats are very high in protein and low in fat!

    Loved by pet parents for their ability to be easily broken, allowing them to feed their dogs the right amount at the right time. Give it to your dog whole for exceptional behavior, snap some to share between your doggy friends, or break a bunch of pieces apart to have trainers on hand!

    Product Features:

  • A healthy and great-tasting option for your pet
  • Canadian Beef Lung is the first and only ingredient in these tender treats
  • All-natural treats with no added preservatives, no additives, and no colours
  • Handmade in small batches with a commitment to quality throughout manufacturing
  • Soft, wafer-like consistency that is great for the teeth of senior dogs and small breeds
  • Made in Canada by a family owned & operated organization
  • Made with food safety in mind and regular microbiology testing
  • Single ingredient makes them highly digestible
  • Comes in a convenient, reclosable bag that locks scents in
  • High-quality single source protein
  • Includes Caledon Farms beef tendersticks, 21 oz.

  • Caledon Farms – Bringing Families Together Since 2006