Cascade Mountain Tech 1000 Lumen Large Rechargeable Lantern

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    Product Overview

    The Cascade Mountain Tech Large LED Utility Lantern puts out up to 1000 lumens of the bright LED light. Powered by two 18650 lithium-iON batteries, this lantern is an ideal light source for camping, backyard BBQs, power outages, and other emergency situations when battery-powered lighting saves the day. Carabiner handle for attaching to tree limbs, ropes, tents, etc. This lantern is impact and water-resistant. It also includes a USB charging port and cord to charge phones and other small electronics. It is lightweight yet durable weighing in at 2.4 lbs. The lantern uses two 18650 rechargeable lithium-iON batteries which put out 4400mAh of capacity. The lantern has three levels of light including high at 1000 lumens, medium at 500 lumens, and low at 100 lumens. This lantern on high will run for four consecutive hours, on medium, it will run for seven consecutive hours and on low, it will run for 24 consecutive hours.

    Product Features:

    • 1000 lumen rechargeable lantern
    • Multi-mode lantern - high: 1000 lumens; 4-hour battery life. Medium: 500 lumens, 7-hour battery life. Low: 100 lumens; 24-hour battery life
    • Impact and water resistant
    • USB charging port to charge phones and other small accessories
    • Lightweight, yet heavy-duty; 2.42 lbs.
    • Uses two 18650 lithium-iON batteries and gives 4400mAH of output
    • Carabiner handle for attaching to tree limbs, ropes, tents, etc.
    • Contains mini USB cord for charging accessories and recharging
    • Includes large 1000 lumen LED rechargeable lantern, USB charging cord
    • Warnings: California Required Proposition 65 Warning

    (Model LTG-LRG-1KR)