Clorox Toilet Bowl Brush And Plunger Set

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    Product Overview
    The Clorox toilet bowl brush and plunger set is an essential accessory for any bathroom in your house and especially useful in the guest bathroom where it can sit out in the open discreetly yet conveniently. The durable antimicrobial bristles on the brush give you a thorough clean while lasting longer, with a head that's designed to get into areas you want to go. The comfortable handles make these essential tools easy to use. The high-quality antimicrobial plunger has a flanged cup that helps clear clogs fast and a long handle for better leverage, making it an ideal partner for this important bathroom set. Keeping it all together neatly and cleanly is the handy caddy that stores both in an upright position for easy and quick access. Keep any toilet sparkling clean - great for dorms, apartments, RVs and boats.

    Product Features:

  • Includes a plunger and toilet bowl cleaning brush as well as a coordinating caddy for convenient access and discreet storage when not in use
  • Flange cup clears even the toughest clogs, and the long handle with comfort grip provides additional leverage for highly effective results when unclogging the toilet
  • Durable large round bristles make cleaning hard-to-reach areas under the rim quick and easy, and it also features a grip handle for comfortable use
  • Allows the plunger and brush to dry more efficiently after use and keeps floors clean, and the plunger locks into the caddy so you can carry it from room to room without dripping
  • Includes heavy-duty plunger, toilet cleaning brush and caddy