Dixie Ultra 10" Printed Paper Dinner Plate,154 ct.

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    Product Overview

    Dixie Ultra paper plates and paper bowls will handle your heaviest meals, whether it is dinner, a holiday, or another special occasion. Every heavy duty, durable paper plate and paper bowl is microwavable, cut resistant and has a Soak Proof Shield to protect against greasy or saucy foods. All Dixie Ultra products (paper bowls and paper plates) manufactured in Georgia-Pacific facilities are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

    Product Features:

    • Dixie Ultra 10 1/16 inch disposable paper plates are built strong with Flex Proof Technology to handle heavy, messy meals
    • The 10 1/16 inch plate is the perfect size for dinner and lunch, from weeknight meals to parties and picnics
    • Ultimate Strength to hold up to 2lbs of food
    • Microwave Safe, Cut Resistant, and Soak-Proof Shield that can handle anything from salad dressing to burger grease
    • Includes 154 plates, 10 1/16 inch disposable paper plates 

    (Model 956701)