ENHANCE Cryogen Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad - Red

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    The Cryogen is the ideal thermal management system for gaming laptops of all sizes up to 17". Featuring two air controls and ultra quiet fans, the Cryogen keeps your pc from overheating, providing a critical performance boost when it counts. Two dial controls on the side of the Cryogen offer fine control of the two sets of fans. One dial controls the two large 13cm fans, while the other dial controls the three 7cm fans in the center of the pad. This level of control lets you customize air flow depending on your laptop and how it dissipates heat. Additionally, you can adjust the sound from fans by adjusting and differing the speeds of each of the sets of fans. The slim profile is great for portability and travel. The front bumper can be removed and stored away in the backside, reducing it to the size of a slim textbook. In this form, it can be stored in backpacks, bags, and suitcases without much trouble. The front metal mesh is durable enough to hold up any size laptop and helps evenly distribute airflow throughout the laptops surface.

    Product Features:

    Ultra quiet fans: The Cryogen laptop cooler features super silent stealth fans that dissipate heat away from your laptop to dramatically decrease heat buildup from intensive gaming
  • Dual USB Power Ports: Connect your laptop using the first port to power the cooling pad and use the extra port to connect your gaming mouse, charge your phone, transfer data, and much more
  • Lighting and fan controls: Adjust speed and LED lighting intensity using the controls on the side; One dial controls the large fans and the other dial controls the small central fans
  • 7 angle adjustable stand: Select the perfect angle to reduce strain on your wrists and neck using the easy to adjust angle stand; The Cryogen offers a wide degree angle ideal for use anywhere
  • Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer
  • Includes cooling pad

  • (Model ENGXC20100RDWS)

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