Explore One Dinosaur Skeleton Set and Crystal Growing Sets

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    Product Overview
    Junior explorers will find lots of fuel for their curiosity in this engaging stem-set combination from ExploreOne. Aspiring paleontologists will know the thrill of discovery as they unearth bones to build realistic skeletal replicas of their favorite prehistoric reptiles. The ExploreOne Dinosaur Skeleton Set immerses young explorers into the world of paleontology by recreating a dig site experience. The kit includes two plaster blocks filled with dinosaur bone pieces and a set of tools like those used in real-life fossil excavations. Once the bones have been revealed and brushed clean, they can be assembled into glow-in-the-dark standing models using the support pieces and display bases. Two dinosaur stamps are included for additional fossil fun. In the companion kit, kids can take their knowledge of crystals to the next level with ExploreOne’s Crystal Growing Sets which let users witness the crystal formation process in real-time as they grow their own colorful creations. This fun science set provides the materials and base young explorers need to grow beautiful crystals in a complex cluster formation. It also has a special container in which users can reproduce a realistic replica of a geode split open to reveal the brilliant structures within.

    Product Features:

  • Recreate a dig site experience by unearthing dinosaur bone pieces in plaster blocks using excavation tools
  • Use the uncovered bone pieces to assemble two glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton replicas
  • Witness the crystal formation process in real time by growing your own colorful creations
  • Kit includes material to grow crystals in a complex cluster formation
  • Additional container allows users to reproduce a realistic replica of a split-open geode
  • Age ranges: 8+
  • Includes 13 tyrannosaurus fossils in a plaster block, 14 triceratops fossils in a plaster block, hammer, chisel, brush, two model bases, and name cards, two support holders, four support pins, two dinosaur stamps, one crystal growing base, one crystal formation growing container, one meteoric geode rock growing container, one bottle of purple crystal growing powder, one bottle of green crystal growing powder, stirring spoon, mixing cup with measurements

  • (Model 88-90200)

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