Extra Polar Ice Sugar-Free Mint Chewing Gum, 20 pk.

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    Made in USA

    EXTRA knows: When you give EXTRA, you get EXTRA. With a total of 300 sticks of gum, you have unlimited ways to share the joy of your favorite chewing gum. This bulk box features 20 packs of EXTRA Polar Ice Gum. Featuring icy, cool, minty taste, EXTRA Sugarfree Gum gives you long-lasting flavor for any occasion. Give a piece to your co-pilot on your next road trip, stock up with this bulk pack for the pantry, or hand it out to your party guests when they need something fresh to get the night started. From first dates to 50th anniversaries, enjoy incredibly fresh breath with this delicious chewing gum. Each pack includes 15 individually wrapped sticks of bold mint flavor, making it easy to enjoy long-lasting flavor on the go. Stock up on bulk packs of EXTRA Gum for concession stands and game day celebrations so you always have breath-freshening flavor on hand. Chew EXTRA Gum for a delicious way to help you stay focused for big tests or spread the love by sharing a pack with your study group. Find crisp, invigorating refreshment from tongue to toe with EXTRA Sugarfree Gum.

    Product Features:

    • Contains twenty (20) 15-stick packs of EXTRA Polar Ice Gum
    • Featuring an avalanche of icy mint flavor
    • Individually wrapped sticks of gum are easy to share
    • Stock up on bulk packs of long-lasting flavor with EXTRA Gum for concession stands
    • Stay focused for tests and big presentations with delicious minty gum

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