Ezy Storage 100L Waterproof Tote with Wheels - Clear With Blue Accents

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    Product Overview
    This Ezy Storage 100L Waterproof Clear Tote with Wheels is just the right storage tote for those wet, damp areas where you need to keep your personal belongings safe from water damage or any other debris. This product offers an IP-67 Rated airtight/watertight seal that will keep your contents safe and dry from water, dust, dirt, or other debris. This Waterproof Tote is fully submergible underwater up to 1 meter without leaking. The silicone gasket seal and the six heavy-duty plastic latches safely secure your belongings to reinforce the water resistance in this innovative new product. The modular stackable design allows for these totes to be stored one on top of another for your convenience when packing away your valuables. These totes easily stack together with a snug, secure fit. Great for the home, basement, garage, outdoors, or just about anywhere. Give these new Waterproof Totes a try and you will be sure to be coming back for more. This 100L size includes a convenient pull handle and wheels that allow you to easily move about when filling this larger tote with extra weight. Ezy Storage likes to make your life a little bit easier.

    Product Features:

  • Waterproof fully submergible IP-67 rated
  • Silicone gasket seal around lid
  • Wheeled
  • Convenient pull handle
  • Six secure latches for strong closure
  • Contemporary design
  • Clear for easy viewing of contents
  • Modular stacking
  • Durable construction
  • Includes ezy storage

  • (Model FBA34103KIT)