Febreze Touch Fabric Spray and Odor Fighter, 27 oz./2 pk. - Ocean and Fresh

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    Product Overview
    Get your hands on a new kind of scent experience: Febreze Touch Fabric Spray uses breakthrough touch-activated scent technology to store scents right in your fabrics, giving you a burst of elevated freshness with every step, pat and fluff. It’s a home fragrance unlike any other. The scent activates with every touch: whether you’re walking on carpets, wrapping yourself with your favorite blankets, or simply lounging on the furniture. Make a statement with Febreze's ocean scent, which is carefully crafted with the scent of waterlily, ginger, and hinoki. And with the airy, just-washed scent of Unstopables fresh, you’ll want this crave-worthy scent within reach. We dare you to resist sniffing every fabric.

    Product Features:

  • Breakthrough touch-activated technology stores scent in your fabrics so you can fight odors and enjoy freshness on demand
  • Use Febreze Touch on your couch, carpets, pillows, blankets or even try it on your favorite clothes​
  • Waterlily, ginger, and hinoki mix together to create the can’t-miss cool ambiance of ocean scent. And make every touch a bit more like laundry day with the crisp, airy scent of fresh​
  • Gives fabrics a kick of long-lasting freshness you’ll want to sniff over and over again ​
  • Includes 27 oz. bottle of Febreze Unstopables Touch Fabric Spray and Odor Fighter, fresh scent and 27 oz. bottle of Febreze Touch Fabric Spray, ocean scent

    Ingredients:Water, Alcohol Denatured, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrances, Diethylene Glycol, PEG-11 Methyl Ether Dimethicone, Glucomannan, Sodium Chloride, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Citrate, Benzisothiazolinone

    Product Warnings and Restrictions: Use Only As Directed. Some Hard Surfaces May Become Damp When Sprayed. Avoid Slips Or Falls. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children And Pets. Do Not Spray Directly Toward Face. If Eye Contact Occurs, Rinse Well With Water.