Fortress 7 Gun Electronic Lock Quiet Access Safe with Detachable Pistol Rack

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    The Fortress 7 gun non-fire safe is the perfect size for consumers who own a few guns or already own a large gun looking for an affordable option to securely store their firearms and other valuables. This safe is also ideal for someone who is looking for a safe in a secondary location in home, office, apartment, condo or vacation home. Sized to fit in a closet or behind a door, this safe features a programmable electronic lock which can be programmed for silent entry via the Mute-U feature. In addition, the lock has an audible alarm and tamperproof function via Alarm-U that sounds notifying unauthorized entry or attempts. Firearms and contents can always be accessed using the 2 included back up keys. Fully carpeted barrel rests and interior to accommodate 4 long guns and 3 hand guns via the included wire hanging rack which stores pistols at the ready position. For additional storage, a fully carpeted top shelf is included. Safe is constructed of 14 gauge steel and has external door hinges that allow full 180 degree access to your contents. There are a total of 5 locking points to deter break in, 3 - 1" live action locking bolts and 2 fixed dead bolts. A nice lever handle allows user to open the door once correct entry code has been entered. Safes come pre-drilled with mounting holes and included hardware, so you can further secure your safe. Backed by a Lifetime warranty and you can be assured, your firearms and valuables are protected.

    Product Features:

  • Safe, Instruction Manual, Warranty information, 2 Back up Keys, 9V Battery, safe mounting Hardware
  • Securely stores 4 long guns
  • Securely stores 3 hand guns for easy access (Detachable wire Pistol Rack included)
  • Electronic lock with 2 Back up Keys
  • 3 - 1" live action locking bolts and 2 - 1" dead bolts
  • Alarm-U feature provides Alarm for Unauthorized Entry or Tampering
  • Mute-U - Quiet Access - lock can be programmed for silent Entry
  • 1 Top Shelf for additional Storage
  • Lever Handle
  • Mounting Hardware and 9V Battery included