Generation Dough Party Bag, 85 ct.

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    Product Overview
    Bring creative fun and excitement to your child's party with the Generation Dough Rainbow Party Bag. Each bag contains 85 packs of 1-oz. dough. From glow in the dark, glitter, metallic, pastel, and regular colors, these small, colorful dough packs will add some sensory fun to any party you are throwing. They also make for a great trick-or-treat alternative to candy for Halloween! Share the creativity for any occasion! Perfect for use in classrooms, at birthday parties, as goodie bag fillers, for Valentine’s Day, and even wedding kids table activities. With multiples of every color including teal, pink, purple, bright red, neon orange, yellow, neon green, bright blue, there are lots of colors to go around in this Generation Dough Rainbow Party Bag. Let your creativity flow as you make and mold fun shapes, animals, or other creations of your design. A dinosaur, a unicorn, a plane, or a flower the options are limitless.

    Product Features:

  • Great for trick or treat and party favors
  • Featuring regular colors, glow in the dark, glitter, metallic, and pastel colors
  • Includes 85 packs of 1-oz. dough (80 regular dough tubs, one glow in the dark dough tub, one glitter dough tub, two metallic dough tubs, and one pastel dough tub)

  • (Model 970013/BJS)