Goodyear Roadside Safety Kit

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    This roadside assistance kit has everything you need to stay safe in a roadside emergency. Includes a tire gauge, smart booster cables, a bungee cord, duct tape, and a window triangle so you can make ad-hoc repairs. It also includes a blanket, poncho, knit gloves and more to stay warm while you’re doing it. An escape tool will make sure you’re never stuck in your car and a first aid kit will help you stay safe. A power bank, batteries, and a convenient storage bag are included, as is a year’s subscription to roadside assistance.

    Product Features:

  • Smart booster cables are designed to prevent incorrect booster cable hook-up and protect against reverse polarity, short-circuiting and overload. Audio and visual alarms go off in the event of improper current
  • Emergency power bank which runs on disposable batteries, eliminating the need for pre-charging before use
  • Emergency escape tool features a spring-loaded spike to target a precise blow to shatter passenger window glass (tempered), a sheathed blade designed to cut through seatbelt webbing, and a rescue whistle
  • Roadside assistance is a full-service program available to the kit owner at no additional membership charges or fees. It is a full year of sign and drive service which includes three $60 service calls providing up to $180 value
  • QR code card gives you access to an online resource library that instructs on basic safety, driving tips, car maintenance tips and basic how-to's
  • Includes storage bag, smart booster cables, blanket, tire gauge, safety work light-flashlight, 3/AAA batteries, poncho, knit gloves, escape tool, power bank, 3/AA batteries, bungee cord, duct tape, window triangle, first aid kit, roadside assistance and QR code card
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