HotHands Super Warmers, 54 ct.

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    Product Overview

    HotHands Super Warmers provide a larger size warmer that lasts up to 18-hours and is ready to use, air activated natural heat you can dispose in regular trash. Made in the USA, these body and hand warmers are great for all outdoor events such as tailgating, fishing, hunting or watching a sporting event. You can also use them for hiking, camping, boating, running or any outdoor fall/winter activity such as cross-country skiing, snowboarding or sledding. Use them on \sore muscles after a workout, or go for a run while enjoying the long steady heat from out Hot Hands Superwarmer.

    Product Features:

    • Up to 18-hours of heat
    • Super warmer is larger size for hand and body
    • Longer lasting LI>Ready to use
    • Air activated
    • Natural heat
    • Dispose in regular trach
    • Made in USA
    • Includes 54-count of HotHands Super Warmers, 1 pair in each pack