Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water, 6 pk./1 Gal

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    Product Overview
    Sourced from Michigan springs Ice Mountain 1 Gal. 100% Natural Spring Water offers a crisp taste that feels refreshing and hydrating with every sip. The water contains a naturally occurring blend of minerals without any added colors, flavors or sweeteners. The container is designed to fit easily inside most fridges and can be recycled when the water is gone.

    Product Features:

  • 100% natural spring water sourced from Michigan
  • Refreshing, naturally occurring minerals
  • No colors, flavors or sweeteners added
  • No calories
  • Container fits inside most refrigerators
  • 100% recyclable container (except the cap and label)
  • Includes six 1-gal. jugs of water
  • (Model 083046005048)