iHome Travel Reach C Power Strip with AC Outlet, 2 USB-A Ports and UBS Port - White

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    Product Overview
    The iHome Travel Reach C is the compact and portable power solution you’ve been looking for. Designed with one grounded AC outlet and two integrated USB-A ports and one USB C Port, it allows you to power and charges your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch all at the same time. From a hotel to a cruise ship to your corner coffee shop, the Travel Reach can go anywhere you want it to. The small four-plug power strip fits neatly inside any bag, backpack, or suitcase and is lightweight for easy carrying. The 4' power cord wraps around the unit to help keep your things organized and prevent messy cord tangles. If you don’t need the entire length of the cord to reach an outlet, you can simply wrap it up before plugging the unit into a wall for a neat and tidy work or living area. While the Travel Reach C can be plugged directly into any wall outlet, it also features a 4' long heavy-duty insulated power cord for extra range and the ability to access hard-to-reach outlets. The slim three-prong plug has a flat 90° design to fit in the narrow spaces behind couches, beds, desks, and other furniture.

    Product Features:

  • Multi Plug Extender: The iHome portable mini power strip has one grounded AC outlet and two USB-A port, one USB port plugs
  • Rapid Charging: The small power strip includes a USB charging hub that supports 2.4-amp fast charging for compatible phones and tablets and a USB C port for the latest devices
  • Compact Size: The iHome travel extension cord is small and lightweight with a short wraparound cord for easy storage while traveling
  • Multiple Devices: This compact power strip can charge multiple devices at a time. Simply plug it into a wall and power your devices on your desk, nightstand, or bedside table
  • Slim Cable Plug: The short power strip boasts the insulated power cord that has a flat 90° angle plug that fits behind furniture
  • Includes one iHome Travel Reach C

  • (Model 2IHAC1639W0L2)