Kidde Night Hawk CO and Explosive Gas Alarm

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    Product Overview
    Install this Kidde Night Hawk CO and Explosive Gas Alarm in your home to protect you and your family from carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases. The alarm features a metal oxide gas sensor to detect the presence of natural gas (methane) or propane, and it emits a loud 85 dB alarm to alert you to a potential problem. The alarm plugs into a standard AC wall outlet, but also features a 9V battery backup in the event of a power outage.

    Product Features:

  • Offers protection against carbon monoxide and explosive gas
  • Plugs into a standard AC wall outlet with a direct plug, 6' power cord or tabletop unit
  • 9V battery backup delivers operation, even in the event of a power outage
  • Metal oxide gas sensor detects natural gas (methane) or propane
  • Peak Level button can be pressed to display the peak CO level recorded by the alarm since it was last reset or unplugged
  • Continuous digital display shows the current level of CO the unit is sensing, as well as other gases, if they are present
  • 85 dB pulsing alarm notifies you to a potential problem
  • 4 quick beeps, followed by 5 seconds of silence, followed by 4 quick beeps, along with a number on the display, alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide
  • 1-second alarm on, followed by 1-second alarm off with "Gas" on the display lets you know that gas is present
  • UL listed
  • Includes CO/explosive gas alarm and 9V battery
  • Warranty: 5 years limited

  • (Model 900-0113)