Kinetic Sand The Original Moldable Sensory Play Sand Toys For Kids, 2 lbs. Resealable Bag

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    Product Overview
    Bring the fun of wet sand indoors with Kinetic Sand, the original moldable sensory toy play sand. This two-pound resealable bag of Kinetic Sand is the perfect arts and crafts activity gift for kids ages 3 and up, especially those who enjoy sensory toys and as an alternative to modeling clay or slime kits. Stretch it, slice it, squeeze it or mold it into incredible sand art. No matter how you use it, sensory sand provides hours of tactile fun. It flows through fingers like real beach sand and leaves hands completely dry. When pressed together, it keeps its shape. It’s so satisfying, you won’t be able to put it down! The unique formula of this mesmerizing, magic sand sticks to itself and not to kids for easy cleanup and storage, and it never dries out so you can create again and again. More than just great fun, moldable sand is a tactile, sensory kids toy that can help develop your child’s fine motor skills. Sand play provides a much-needed break from screen time and encourages independent play when learning and working from home. Kinetic Sand is made from natural sand and is wheat-, gluten- and casein-free. These two-pound bags of colored sand are available in other bright shades including purple, blue, green, and pink. Feel the fun with Kinetic Sand for kids!

    Product Features:

  • Kinetic Sand is 98% sand & 2% magic! Pull it, shape it and mold it to create incredible sand art
  • Kinetic Sand sticks to itself and not to kids so it can be easily cleaned up & stored
  • A great addition to your child’s collection of sensory toys, Kinetic Sand flows through fingers like real beach sand and leaves them completely dry. When pressed together it sticks to itself and keeps its shape
  • Kinetic Sand never dries out and is non-toxic, gluten and casein free, allowing your child to safely enjoy hours of independent play and tactile fun
  • Make whatever you dream of with an array of multi colored sand, from brilliant neon colors to shimmering metallic ones that sparkle and shine. It’s the squeezable sand you can’t put down
  • Kinetic Sand kids toys stimulates children’s creativity, easily cleans up and sticks to itself
  • Try it if your kids have enjoyed playing with slime kits
  • Kinetic Sand kits and playsets are great gifts for kids ages 3 and up
  • Age range: 3+
  • Includes Kinetic sand, 2 lbs.