Mayte Guava Paste, 2 pk./35.2 oz.

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    Product Overview
    Mayte Guava Paste is a delicious and versatile product made from the finest guavas. It is a traditional Latin American delicacy renowned for its sweet and tangy flavor. The paste is carefully crafted using a meticulous process that retains the natural essence and vibrant color of the guavas. One of the standout features of Mayte Guava Paste is its versatility. It can be enjoyed on its own as a delightful sweet treat, or it can be used as a key ingredient in numerous recipes. Its distinct flavor profile adds depth and complexity to both sweet and savory dishes. Mayte Guava Paste is a premium product that embodies the essence of ripe guavas. Its exquisite flavor, versatility, and health benefits make it a sought-after choice for food enthusiasts, professional chefs, and anyone looking to elevate their culinary creations. Whether used as a standalone treat, a cheese pairing, or a flavor-enhancing ingredient, Mayte Guava Paste is sure to impress with its superior quality and irresistible taste.

    Product Features:

  • Exclusively at BJ's
  • Guava Paste made from the finest, hand-picked guavas, carefully selected for their ripeness and flavor
  • Mayte takes pride in delivering a product of exceptional quality
  • Experience the luscious and tropical flavor of guava in every bite
  • Guava Paste captures the natural sweetness of ripe guavas, creating a delightful balance of tangy and sweet notes that will enhance your taste buds
  • Guava Paste offers endless culinary possibilities
  • Use it as a spread on toast, bagels, or crackers. It can also be incorporated into recipes for desserts, sauces, glazes, or marinades, adding a unique twist to your favorite dishes
  • Large, value-sized package, perfect for families or individuals who enjoy the delectable taste of guava and want it to last
  • Includes guava paste, 2 pk./35.2 oz.

  • Ingredients: Guava Pulp, Sugar And Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid Or Sodium Bicarbonate.

    Product Warnings and Restrictions: May Contain Traces Of Milk. Keep Tightly Closed In A Clean, Dry, Cool Place And Away From Strong Odors. Once Opened Consume The Product As Soon As Possible. Product Ready For Consumption.