Melnor XT 7-Pattern and Adjustable Tip Rear Trigger Dual Pack Combo Nozzle with 3-Pc. Quick Connect Set

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    Product Overview
    This dual-pack watering set is great for all watering applications. The XT nozzles are built for extra tough watering applications and are a part of Melnor's most durable product line. The rear trigger adjustable tip version is great for several different cleaning purposes. The seven-pattern version is great for a wide range of watering applications such as watering the garden or grass, hanging baskets, cleaning the car, and more. The dual pack set comes with two metal product adapters and a metal product end connector with a water stop. This XT metal set allows for an easy and comfortable switch between the cleaning nozzle in the adjustable tip and the multi-pattern nozzle for everyday watering.

    Product Features:

  • Dual pack nozzle and quick connect set is great for all watering applications
  • Metal XT seven pattern nozzle provides for a wide range of watering applications
  • Metal XT adjustable tip nozzle is great for cleaning applications
  • Nozzles are both comfortable and slip resistant
  • Quick connect set allows for a comfortable and easy switch between nozzles
  • Set is part of Melnor's "XT" line, which is the most durable line of products they have
  • Includes XT adjustable tip nozzle, multi-pattern nozzle, two metal product adapters, and a metal product adapter with a water stop

  • (Model XT200201DPBJDI)