Mobile Gear Deluxe Premium Charge and Sync Cables, 4 pk.

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    Exceptional value for Mobile Gear brand premium braided fabric charge and sync cables in 4 vibrant colors. These include yellow and white, red and white, orange and white and blue and white. The pack includes two different colors of Apple certified charge and sync lightning cables and 1 USB C to USB A and 1 USB C to USB C cables. All lightning cables work with multiple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. USB C works with USB C enabled devices. All cables have reinforced connectors for long lasting durability and the braided fabric cables are tangle resistant and have superior bending characteristics for longevity. These colorful and durable will last a long time and can handle almost all of anyone's charging needs.

    Product Features:

  • One 6' and one 3' lightning to USB A cables, and one 6' USB C to USB A, one 3' USB C to USB C cables
  • Mobile Gear premium braided charge and sync cables
  • One 6' and one 3' lightning to USB A cables for Apple devices
  • One 6' USB C to USB A cable and one 3' USB C USB C cable for all USB C enabled devices
  • Premium reinforced tips
  • 4 unique and vibrant colors
  • Premium Braded tangle free design
  • Includes two lightning and two USB C cables

  • (Model MG 942)

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