NatureSweet Constellation Tomato Variety Pack, 24 oz.

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    Product Overview
    NatureSweet's Constellation tomato is a medley package that includes only the best tasting tomato varieties available. It includes multiple different varieties of tomatoes that provide the perfect blend for any occasion. Picked at the peak of freshness for great taste year-round. A healthy alternative to traditional sweets. The perfect variety of great taste and flavor. 100% greenhouse grown by our full time associates caring for each plant as if it were thier own. Perfect size for popping and snacking or packing in lunchboxes. Consistent quality and appearance all year round. Bursting with freshness in every since bite. It can compliment any salad or can be used to cook and makes a great addition to pasta or pasta salad. Each variety offers it's own unique flavor and texture so each member will have thier own favorite in this package. This container is designed to be realable and rinse ready with convenient holes in the base of the package to allow excess water to drain out.

    Product Features:

  • Elevate the flavor of your salads and snacks with the delicious taste of our medley
  • Try multiple varieties in on package.
  • Rinse tomatoes right in the package, with holes in base to drain excess water
  • Includes 24 oz. of tomatoes



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