Nestle NIDO Kinder 1+ Toddler Dry Milk Powder 4.41 lbs

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    Product Overview

    As your little one grows and begins to explore the world, they need you more than ever as their source of love and nourishment. Giving them NIDO 1+ you can feel confident that you're complementing your toddler’s nutrition with vitamins and minerals, and now also probiotics and DHA, to help support their full potential. This wholesome powdered milk beverage is specially formulated for ages 1 to 3, made with premium ingredients and gentle notes of honey that are almost as sweet as a mother’s love.

    Product Features:

    • Exclusively at BJ's
    • Dry milk powder
    • Contains probiotics, Vitamins A, C & D, iron and zinc to help support their immune system, and iron and DHA to help support brain development
    • 19mg of Omega-3 DHA
    • With less than 1g of added sugar per serving, it contains 13 essential vitamins and minerals that help support healthy growth and development
    • Includes powdered milk beverage, 4.41 lbs.