No BS Day and Night Pimple Relief Treatment Patches, 144 ct.

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    Product Overview

    Say goodbye to acne worries with the exclusive No BS day and night acne patch bundle. This powerful duo combines the healing magic of two 36-count packs of No BS daytime invisible acne healing patches and two 36-count packs of No BS intensive overnight pimple patches with salicylic acid and calamine. Together, they create a comprehensive acne-fighting regimen that provides round-the-clock care for your skin.

    Product Features:

    • Patches are waterproof, ensuring they stay in place throughout the day.
    • Non-irritating and suitable for all skin types
    • Absorbs excess moisture, keeping your skin comfortable
    • Promotes quick healing while reducing the risk of scarring
    • Suitable for both daytime and nighttime use to minimize breakouts
    • Overnight acne patches let you experience rapid pimple healing overnight, with results in as little as 8 hours
    • Effectively reduces inflammation and flattens even the most stubborn cystic acne
    • Calamine provides soothing relief for irritated skin
    • Minimize the risk of scarring and promote clear skin
    • Salicylic Acid helps unclog pores for a smoother complexion
    • Provides a protective barrier against harmful bacteria
    • Includes a total of 144 acne skincare patches

    Instructions For Use: Peel And Stick A Patch On A Clean Area, Press Down For 2-3 Seconds. Wear For At Least 6 Hours Or Until It Turns White. Remove + Replace With A New Patch If Necessary.

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