PicassoTiles All-in-One Kids Take-A-Part Art Easel

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    Product Overview
    The PicassoTiles All-in-One Kids Art Easel has a drawing board, chalkboard, and whiteboard with accessories. Let your child's imagination run wild. This easel is perfect for multiple artists to use at the same time. Did you know the process of assembling can benefit children in multiple ways, like problem-solving, hand-eye coordination and more?

    Product Features:

  • The 360° dual sided whiteboard and chalkboard offers more than one way to play and allows your children to draw or write anything on the board that can be cleaned easily
  • The legs are adjustable to different heights, set to the perfect height for your child (ages 2 to 10 years old)
  • Accessories included are four markers (blue, black, red, and green), eraser for both whiteboard and blackboard, two boxes of chalks, chalk holder, 12 magnets, two marker storage cups, and large storage tray
  • The frame is waterproof, so it can be cleaned anytime to keep your kids germ-free
  • Dedicate a space in your home for creativity, imagination, and concentration that provides hours of entertainment and help children learn through playtime
  • Age ranges: 3+
  • Includes a large 360° dual whiteboard and chalkboard, four markers, eraser, two boxes of chalk, chalk holder, 12 magnets, two marker storage cups and a large storage tray

  • (Model PBT02)

    Safety Information: CPC (Children's Product Certificate)