Polar Seltzer Ade Variety Pack, 24 pk./12 oz.

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    Product Overview
    Made in USA
    Enjoy all of the charm of your favorite lemonade recipes and none of the guilt with the Polar Seltzer’ade Variety Pack! Polar Sparkling Seltzer'ades are crafted with clean and simple ingredients – the essence of fresh lemons (or limes), Polar's signature carbonation, and triple - filtered water, plus the natural fruit flavor needed for each of the signature recipes. No sugar, no sweeteners or juice. Inspired by gourmet lemonade recipes, these sparkling seltzers provide craft focused consumers the guilt-free refreshment they seek with the bold flavors and natural ingredients they demand. Sparkling seltzer with lemonade vibes - always sunny never flat! This collection features 8 cans of Raspberry Pink Lemonade Polar Seltzer'ade, 8 cans of Blood Orange Lemonade Polar Seltzer'ade and 8 cans of Tart Cherry Limeade Polar Seltzer'ade.

    Product Features:

  • 100% natural sparkling seltzer
  • Includes raspberry pink lemonade, blood orange lemonade, and tart cherry limeade
  • Naturally calorie free
  • Family-made since 1882
  • No calories
  • No sodium
  • No sugar
  • Kosher
  • Product of USA
  • Includes 24 pack of 12 oz. Polar Seltzer Ade (8 of each flavor)

  • (Model 1000397)