Polar Seltzer Summer Variety Pack, 24 pk./12 oz.

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    This is the breakout summer of sparkle, Polar's latest seasonal collection is packed with sparkle. Watermelon Mojito - Polar has taken back the watermelon from Harry Styles and we've mixed it up with some refreshing Cuban vibes. It's going to be hard to drink this seltzer star-in-the-making without being happy. Tropical Cherry - Polar went full-on 80s vibes for this little ditty. The pineapple flavors deliver the tropical notes while the dark sweet cherry evokes the kind of irresistible confidence of big shoulder pads and even bigger hair. Pink Summer Iced Tea - Polar loves when they can take a favorite drink and Polarize it into a seltzer. Imagine your favorite raspberry iced-tea lemonade made entirely of bubbles, water, and great-tasting giggles. This is it. Blackberry Mango Punch - This seasonal recipe was inspired by the vibes of our favorite summer music festivals. Sweet notes of mango syncopate with soulful blackberry. Strawberry Margarita: was the sparkling star of the staycation that was the summer of 2020, and now the Valedictorian of Summer '21. Break open this beauty and drink in the serenade of bubbles.

    Product Features:

  • Club pack
  • Family made since 1882
  • 100% Natural
  • Nothing but water, bubbles and natural fruit essence.
  • No Sodium, Caffeine, Sugar or Sweeteners

    Ingredients:Carbonated Water, Natural Fruit Flavors